American Red Cross
Pet First Aid Certified



I am presently servicing Los Feliz, Hollywood, Franklin Hills, and West Hollywood areas. Other nearby locations are negotiable. Please give me a call.

New Clients: I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your pets!
Please call or Email me to schedule a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION when I will come to your home, meet your pets and discuss with you their individual needs, daily routine, and medical history. The free meet and greet is a great way for me to get acquainted with your pets in advance and will make them feel more comfortable with me in your absence.

New Client

Meet and Greet FREE!

*Rates are for 1 dog. $5.00 additional for 2 dogs.
*Rates increase on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years Eve

Dog Walking
and Daytime
Pet Sitting
One (1) visit per day,
25 to 30 minutes

Dogs: $15.00
Cats: $15.00

Three (3) visits per day 25 to 30 minutes each

$15 for the first walk/visit,
$15 for the second walk/visit,
$12 for the third walk/visit


Daytime Visits include a dog walk or cat playtime and replenishing food and water. Also for kitty clients I'm happy to scoop the litter daily and change it out completely if needed.

After each visit I will send you a text message letting you know that your dog is home safe and will add any pertinent potty details and social encounters.

If it’s too hot or rainy outside, some dogs like to do their business then go right back in the house. If a dog chooses to come home early after a walk, it doesn’t mean an early day for me. I guarantee at least a 25-minute visit. I’ll play with them, brush them or just rub their bellies. They let me know what they want and I’m always happy to oblige. 

I also pay attention to the temperature in the house; I’m comfortable turning on the air or a fan if it feels too warm during the day. I treat all my clients as if they were my own.